Special Interest Groups (SIGs)

Special Interest Groups

The TC-CSR has the following Special Interest Groups:

  • Special Interest Group on Addressing, Routing and Interconnection of Limited Domains (ARILD)
    • Scope and Objectives
      • Although the IP addressing and routing in the Internet has remained stable for the past 50 years, the innovations are very active in limited domains (e.g. factory network, satellite network, CDN network, etc.), as the new technologies and protocols bring extra business values enabling the network with new capabilities, high flexibility and better quality of service. Inside as well as across limited domains, addressing and routing has faced many challenges. The support for highly dynamic topologies is one of them, which emanates from satellite and vehicular network deployments. The mobility of network nodes can cause stability problems to existing routing protocols. Supporting alternative addressing semantics, beyond network locations, is another area of investigation for future routing solutions. For instance, directly addressing services or even information at the level of routable packets can improve flow completion times, but, at the same time, can pose challenges for routing scalability. Moreover, scenarios involving programmable paths, multi-path, multihoming, security, etc., bring new challenges to existing routing protocols and approaches when interconnecting the limited domains with the Internet.
      • The solution space has been evolving in a fragmented way. Too many ad-hoc solutions can lead to unnecessary complexity, increased fragility and even security/privacy leakage. In order to avoid these potential risks, we need a common platform to foster the exchange of insights on existing practices and the discussion of techniques and emerging solutions, and look for potential architectural patterns or common building blocks.

Special Interest Groups coordinator is Thiago Abreu, University of Paris-Est, Creteil, France, thiago.wanderley-matos-de-abreu@u-pec.fr