Policies & Procedures

Our Policies and Procedures cover the following items.

  • Definition of elected and appointed officers, as well as nomination and election procedures.
  • Membership criteria and eventual tiers.
  • Planning, announcement and conduction of TC meetings.
  • Budget and expenses.
  • Support of COMSOC activities, such as publications, meetings and membership development.
  • Support of COMSOC activities in standardization.
  • Information dissemination activities, such as newsletter and web pages, and other areas as appropriate.

The detail information about Policies and Procedure can be find under the Procedures and Policies Tab.

Policies and Procedures

How to become a member of this committee

Membership of this committee is open to persons with a professional interest in any of the technical areas within the scope of the committee.

Participation in committee activities can be by attendance at committee meetings (usually held at ICC and GLOBECOM conferences), or via the Communications Switching and Routing email list (see below).

Mailing List

Members of the TC CSR are subscribed to TC-comswtc@comsoc.org email list. Only subscribed members can use this list to broadcast timely and important messages to others. Please limit the use of this list only to technical and relevant subjects and keep messages short.

To subscribe to the TC-comswtc@comsoc.org email list, please follow the following four steps:

1. REGISTER your email address and password in the LISTSERV at the following link


2. Check your email and CONFIRM your registration by clicking on the confirmation link in your email.

3. Using your email address and password, LOGON to the LISTSERV by clicking on the following link


4. To JOIN the TC-comswtc@comsoc.org email list, click on the following link: