The objective of the Technical Committee on Communications Switching and Routing (TC CSR) is to advance the state of the art in theory and applications of information switching and networking by the following:

  • To bring together professionals with interests in various aspects of Communications Switching and Routing such as theory and architecture (B-ISDN/ATM, optical switching), teletraffic theory, mobility and call control, signalling protocol, Intelligent Networks and service features, switching software architecture, management, economics, and applications of switching and routing systems.
  • To provide a forum for discussion and exchange of technical matters among members in the committee meetings, special interest group meetings, topical meetings, and workshops.
  • To sponsor technical sessions at conferences and stimulate high quality technical papers for conferences and IEEE publications.
  • To organize special issues of IEEE publications.


The topics of interest include:

  • circuit-switching and packet-switching
  • optical switching and routing
  • switching theory
  • switch architecture
  • functionality of switching systems
  • traffic engineering and performance analysis
  • MPLS
  • QoS and routing
  • control architecture
  • signalling protocols and networks
  • call and mobility control
  • software, services and features
  • middleware for interoperability
  • planning, economic factors and management of switching systems and
  • networks for information including voice, data, and video
  • security
  • IP-related switching, including softswitches
  • Voice over IP (VoIP)
  • IP telephony
  • active networks
  • next generation networks
  • storage networks
  • network processors
  • routing in active networks and ad hoc networks

Last updated on October 10, 2016. Contact: Jian Tang